Tips to Check the Quality of Plush Toys

Suitable for all ages, plush toys are not only soft, but also have several distinctive features, like strong affinity, realistic and lovely shape, softness, and squeeze without deformation, which makes them deeply loved by consumers. Due to the cute appearance of plush toys, many consumers often ignore their quality and safety issues when purchasing. In addition to observing whether the appearance is clean and the shape is beautiful, consumers should also “see, touch, pull, smell” in order to buy safe and comfortable plush toys.

See. Substandard toys are firstly unqualified in appearance. First of all, carefully observe the sewing details of various parts of plush toys to see whether the stitching is tight and reliable, or there are disconnections and holes and other phenomena. Then, check the fur direction and color difference. Finally, see whether the overall matching of the plush toy is coordinated, whether the workmanship is fine, especially whether the connection of details such as palms and soles is natural and neat.

Touch. For one thing, stroke the surface of toys. A qualified plush toy should be moderately soft and smooth. For the other, squeeze the toy to see if there are foreign bodies or hard objects inside. Unqualified toys are often difficult to fill evenly and easy to form clumps or blocks.

Pull. Use your fingers to twist a small amount of fluff of the plush toy and pull it gently. Those easy to lose faux fur should be purchased with caution. If those toys are held by babies, kids or children, they may eat by mistake and endanger their health.

Smell. The fabric of the plush toys may contain various toxic and harmful substances due to processes such as dyeing and bleaching, as well as the coatings used for small plastic objects, which may give off odors. Smell. If there is a pungent smell, it may be caused by chemical elements, such as formaldehyde and benzene exceeding the standard; if it smells stink, it may be caused by unsanitary fillers or unreasonable processes. So please be careful when purchasing plush toys.

Post time: Aug-16-2022