Halloween Is Coming!

Halloween, is called All Hallow’s Eve, the evening before All Hallow’s Day (also named All Saints’ Day), a Christian holiday, celebrated on the November 1st. History traces Halloween back to the ancient religion of the Celtics. The Celts were the ancestors of the present-day Irish, Welsh and Scottish people. In the 5th century BC, in Celtic Ireland, summer officially ended on October 31st. On the November 1st, Celtic people celebrated the festival of Samhain, which marked the beginning of winter and the Celtic New Year. Celts thought the division between the natural world and supernatural world became very thin and all time and space was abruptly suspended on October 31st, and then the spirits of the dead would come back and move freely looking for living bodies to possess.

halloween costumes for children

Halloween (All Hallow’s Eve), as the name implies, is a nighttime holiday, the one night in the year when the child’s world turns to pure fantasy. Children take all the lead parts while parents and other adults play the supporting roles. Encouraged by teachers and merchants and the remembrance of the good time they had the earlier year, children (from 3-11 years old) start preparing their costumes and Halloween decorations weeks ahead. Although parents help the children a lot prepare the costumes, on Halloween they must pretend to be frightened by the masked visions that suddenly appear. There will be little witches in long black dresses with tall-pointed hats and magic broomsticks to carry them over the rooftops – to a neighbor’s house in the next block. Ghosts in sheets run with tell-tale sneakers and half socks showing, and terrible pirates with skull and cross-bones painted on their three-cornered hats. Some carry jack-o-lanterns but all take bags marked “ Trick Or Treat”, which are filled up very fast.

children halloween spooky costumes

Teenagers have their fun playing tricks that sometimes get rather rough. They throw eggs or tomatoes at passing motorists, mark up windows and windshields with hard-to-erase candle wax, roll pumpkins down long hills, carry away porch furniture and garbage can covers, engrave graffiti on fences, or do whatever bad things occur to them as they go around looking for ways to “let off steam”. Police officers are alert but they only arrest those caught doing real damage. In most communities there are school dances or block parties to help redirect the energies of the youthful pranksters. Business firms offer prizes for the best costumes and recreation directors help plan the party, while the young people themselves take charge of the entertainment and the decorations – a necessary part of Halloween. Dried corn stalks, pumpkin faces, and piles of apples create the harvest atmosphere; and cutouts of witches on their brooms, goblins, ghosts and black cats symbolize the witchcraft aspect of the holiday. The fresh things – apple cider, popcorn and pumpkin pie, and witches made of spicy ginger cookies – also carry out both themes.

halloween trick or treat knock the door

There is an occasional adult Halloween Dance in a bright orange and black setting, with paper-made black cats, witches and grinning skeletons floating above the dance floor. But Halloween has become mainly a young people’s holiday. The younger the child is, the more excitements he can find in it.

halloween candies goodies baskets

The colors black and orange are a classic and symbolic part of Halloween. Black is a symbol of night and orange represents pumpkin. Many Halloween decorations are designed in these two classic festive colors, black and orange, which light up Halloween and add spooky and horrible atmosphere. Here, we recommend several decorations that are quite suitable for Halloween, including plush pillows, plush toys, plush dolls.

Kuromi Stuffed Plush Doll


Halloween Ideal Ornament – Kuromi Stuffed Plush Doll

The stuffed Kuromi plush features an adorable look as it has a cute bow and bat hairpin, lovely bat wings, devil tail, and exquisite-embroidered eyes, nose, and ghost face on the belly. The black bow tie around its neck adds liveliness to it.

Halloween bat spider pumpkin plush basketsHalloween bat spider pumpkin plush baskets1Halloween bat spider pumpkin plush baskets2

Halloween “Trick or Treat” Perfect Partner – Stuffed Plush Basket & Dolls

The Halloween stuffed plush basket is crafted into three images, ghost face, spider and bat. There are another five little stuffed plush dolls, delicately designed with festive elements, like wizard hat, bat wings, and ghost face. The Halloween plush toy dolls can be customized as you require. You can provide us the name or other information that you want to make on the plush dolls. Or, you can adjust some details of the plush dolls to make your personalized stuffed toys.

Pumpkin Wizard Hat Plush Toy Pillow

Halloween Festive Companion – Pumpkin Wizard Hat Plush Toy Pillow

The cute pumpkin plush toy pillow is designed with various funny expressions and wizard hats. The round body shape makes the whole vivid and adorable. What a wonderful festive plush companion to light up Halloween.

We welcome and accept your submissions of product pictures or design drafts, and we will customize the stuffed plushies that you want.

Post time: Oct-20-2022