Halloween Games For Your Little Ones

Halloween party games are a great way to strengthen festive atmosphere, bring fun and happiness to everyone, and even increase activities to your next party without any extra costs. Here are 3 interesting Halloween games for kids.

1. Trick or Treat

The most popular game and slogan of Halloween is “Trick or Treat”. On Halloween, children who yell this slogan can ask their parents for candies, food and sometimes even money. Of course, if you want to increase playability, you can set some fun game levels, such as singing a song, having a dance, etc. Only if children clear the game level successfully can they get rewards like candies.

trick or treat

2. Apple Biting

Hang the big apple with the fishing line or the cotton thread, and let the child pad and jump to bite the apple. This game is not only interesting, but also can exercise the child’s sense of balance, leaping ability as well as leg muscles. Or you can put the apple in clean water and then let the child bite it with his mouth to train his flexibility and add more fun.

It is said that besides Halloween, November 1 is also an important festival in ancient Rome, called Pomona Day. Pomona is the “God of Fruit Trees”, in charge of the life and death of all fruit trees, and the fruit harvest. After Rome conquered Celtic, it combined Pomona Day with the New Year, forming the custom of eating apples on Halloween.

halloween apple biting

3. Mask DIY

It is said that on the night of October 31 every year, the god of death will gather ghosts to frighten people. The timid people will be very afraid, while the brave people will play the role of ghosts to dispel evil spirits.

For the legend of “no ghosts invade”, you can make masks with your children. Remember to buy the mold of the mask in advance, then cooperate with your kids to draw exaggerated facial features on the blank mask with oil painting stick or watercolor pen, and paste some ribbons or other materials on the mask for decoration.

In this game, you can both practice the child’s hand movements and boost his aesthetic ability. Finally, making masks together is a good parent-child activity, which can enhance the cooperation and intimacy between you and your child.

haloween party

A Story About Pumpkin Lanterns

Another notable element of Halloween is the pumpkin lantern, which also has an origin. A man named Jack is very stingy, and has the habit of mischief and drinking. Because he once played tricks on the devil twice, when Jack died, he found that he could not enter heaven or hell, and could only wander between the two forever. The devil, out of pity, gave Jack a little coal. Jack lit the turnip lantern (the pumpkin lantern was originally carved mainly with turnips) with the little coal. He could only hold his turnip lantern and wander around forever. Later, people found a better material than turnips - pumpkins, so the jack-o- lanterns we see nowadays are usually made of pumpkins.

pumpkin lanterns

Post time: Oct-21-2022