Benefits Of Telling Bedtime Stories To Kids

Nowadays, more and more young parents tend to tell bedtime stories to their children. No matter how busy they are, parents prefer to spend a warm reading time with their kids. So what are the benefits of telling bedtime stories to children?

  •  Enhance Family Relationships

Children also have the need to communicate and exchange feelings, and parent-child reading is just one of the media that can meet this need perfectly. In the process of parents “telling stories” and children “listening to the stories”, the communication and exchanges between parents and children is naturally deepened. In this way, children get psychological and spiritual satisfaction, which leads to a sense of security. It can be said that bedtime stories are one of the indispensable nutrients to ensure children’s mental health. In contrast, allowing children to watch TV or play electronic products alone more will inhibit parent-child communication.

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  • Improve Children’s Logical Thinking

Anyone who has given birth to a child would agree that a distinctive feature of children’s expressions in their childhood is that there is no logic. Of course, it is because kids’ divergent thinking is better than logical thinking before six years old. But after children enter the primary school, no matter what knowledge they learn, they all need logic to digest and absorb in. Therefore, those who learn knowledge quickly are naturally children with good logic.

The official website of the National Association for Gifted Children has a detailed description of the characteristics of gifted children. The obviously outstanding ability of those gifted children is that they are skilled in logical reasoning and abstract logical thinking.

Nowadays, children have troubles in writing essays, or are weak in mathematics, which are actually affected by their poor logical thinking ability. Is there anything that can exercise children’s logical thinking? Yes, story books. Although the stories for children are very simple and even naive for parents, there will also be some logical relationships in the story, such as cause and effect, first and second, immediately and then, etc. Thus, when children understand the story, they are actually exercising logical thinking.

  • Boost Children’s Imagination

In the era where robots can replace many human jobs, one of the most essential skills children need is creativity, which robots simply do not have. While, the premise of creativity is imagination.

In the early childhood stage, children always have rich imagination and come up with wild ideas. But when they grow up, their ideas are normal and difficult to make breakthroughs. Any kind of talent, if not cultivated persistently, will actually disappear. When parents read bedtime stories to children, for example, the talking bunny or the dense forest in the stories will actually enrich children’s imagination and take them to experience something that they have never seen in life.