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SUPER SOFT: Its unique soft texture makes it more comfortable, ideal for a gift to women girls.

Collectible Toys: Enjoy collecting all the oversized plush toys from the Nintendo collection.

IDEAL GAMEPLAYER GIFT: This teddy bear shape plush is perfect for kids women girls.

Machine Wash Cold: Perfect for any occasion such as liveroom and home .This is the best gift for kids or machine wash in cold water.

Soft Plush: Made of high quality plush fabric, soft and comfortable.

You can feel warm when wearing this pair teddy bear slipper in frozen winter. The filling is strictly selected to be top priority so that it can keep you warm in chilly winter. So is the fabric and cloth, which is of superior quality, difficult to tear and fade.

The teddy bear plush indoor slippers is also charming and adorable, with rich colors and patterns. If you are a huge fan of teddy bear, take it home, bringing more laughs and smiles.   

Use Instruction for this cute teddy bear plush slippers: Hand wash is preferred. Its natural lifespan may be reduced due to machine washing&drying. It is also our suggestion that plush slippers teddy bear be used only indoors so that it can be used much longer. It is an adult size (about 10.5 inches), but we also provide custom plush slippers if you ask. 

Product description

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  • Can I get a sample to show around to buyers?

    Yes. You can purchase prototype toys. Once all the details of your idea are conveyed we will design and manufacture a one of a kind prototype that you can show buyers. Figurine/plush toy prototype fees begin at $500 and include unlimited revisions within six months.

    How do I protect my idea?

    The first step to protecting your idea is signing an NDA (a Non Disclosure Agreement). This means that we cannot reproduce your product without your permission. We have built our company over the last 30 years on the fact that we only manufacture goods for you. We have no interest in stealing ideas. For peace of mind we have an NDA available for you. Look to the bottom of this website for a link to our NDA.

    How much does my idea cost to produce?

    Keep in mind that in developing your unique product, there are many choices that can affect the final price. Therefore it is helpful if you have a budget in mind that we can use as a starting point. 

    Where do you manufacture my toys?

    All the toys we make are designed and managed in the U.S. with the sample and production run made in China. We work closely with our factories and have worked with many of them for decades.

    What is your minimum order?

    Our minimum order for custom plush products is only 500 pieces. This is an industry standard. While it is definitely more economical to order 5,000 pieces or more, we understand for a new product sometimes it is best to start with a minimum number. For products such as figurines, Plush with mechanics, and sound, the minimum quantity is 5,000.

    Is your first price quote the final price?

    Our first price quote is an estimate based on the limited information that you provided on your initial quote form. Although we have spent many years working in the plush industry and can usually get close with our first quote, every project is slightly different. Therefore the final price may be higher or lower then the original quote. However your price will be final before we start production and there will not be any surprise charges to worry about.

    Can I have my company name or logo on my custom plush?

    Yes. We can personalize your custom plush in a variety of different ways, including silk screening on a t-shirt or other apparel item or a direct embroidery on the plush toy itself. We can also provide your own hang tags, and personalizing your sewn in labels. All of these details will be discussed during the prototype stage.

    What do I need to do to get started?

    Fill out our Online Quote to get started. We can then collect the prototype fee and schedule our first design conference call. During this first call we will gather information from you about your specific project. Based on the details discussed during this call we will begin to formulate the look and design needed to create your prototype.